We propose that members of the multiregional RISE CC (RISE 1) take the initiative in inviting the environmentally endangered spiritual healers of one or more of their own local communities to create a (RISE 2) URI CC. Others, who are either high level indigenous spiritual leaders or their designated representatives, who wish to create a local RISE CC to restore a local community, are welcome to join our multiregional RISE CC.   While there are many ways of regenerating indigenous spirituality and ecosystems, one method that we have to offer is the following:

Central RISE CC facilitaters can share guidance with members of the multiregional RISE 1 CC and with local community RISE 2 CC leaders in creating their own local community regeneration projects.  

Local products ideally would eventually include the development of both of the fully equiped RISE Healing demonstration and reference center, functioning as a local headquarters, and its surrounding community RISE CC made up of local practitioners and their assistants.  For this second community circle, Gaia Education (GE) and  the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), can provide a RISE-adapted, flexible, autonomously indigenous version of the sustainable, Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) curriculum to guide the process of regenerating villages and urban communities.

GE is one of UNESCO's global network of CIFAL training organizations.  World View (Spirituality) and Ecology (Ecosystems) are UNESCO' first two dimensions of sustainability. Economy and Society are the third and fourth dimensions. All four dimensions contribute to the regeneration of indigenous communities.  Completing this program qualifies RISE CC communities as members of the 40 country, million-plus member Ecovillage Network.  

The recently certified RESEAU COSAN community CC in Yoff, Senegal began this program in March 2016. The diagram below provides a simplified overvue of our flexible projected activities and time line over the last 10 months of 2016 and January of 2017.

The Yoff project expects to include:  Restoration of both public and private cultural sacred sites with review and adaptation to modern contexts; Islamic worship and guidance on halal versus haram work between Muslims and their Muslim nature spirits; intensive climate regeneration, educational pilot programs focused on learning, and acting on traditional and Muslim universal values for children and young people; research and workshops by experts to create an official version of the history and practices of Yoff’s spiritual traditions; establishment of the living heritage center or centers; and preparation and sharing of the authentic Neup-Tuur tradition with sincere spiritual seekers, preferable from other RISE CCs.  Subsequent year programs would followed with build on the first year's achievements and add additional activities as needed.

A leading graduate of a highly regarded Inter-faith seminary already has expressed an interest in bringing a tour of sincere spiritual learners to participate in the project year's final January 2015  vision and healing quest ceremony