2. To rediscover, reapply and rappidly reintegrate our ecosystems knowledge into emerging state-of-the art practices, capable not only stopping, but reversing climate change.

Our Specific Objectives are

1. To support each other at the multiregional Cooperation Circle level to create at least one local sustainable indigenous full-service living heritage center for each ancient wisdom tradition, to preserve and develop our spiritual healing, and socially inclusive values and practices for future generations, and as reference and research centers. 

2. To join and encourage our grassroots healers by nurturing their creation of their own community Cooperation Circles (CC), to reunite disillusioned healers in places where sacred sites are in disrepair, schools are shaming their children by teaching them their beliefs are "primitive," and youth are abandoning the universal values both of their ancestors and the World Religions. CCs can repair sacred sites and landmarks, plant trees, educate children in their heritage from a young age, and more.

3.  To work at all levels: to rediscover, reapply and reintegrate our ecosystems knowledge into best practices to reverse climate change

4.  To physically recreate, readapt, and restore the holistic planetary healing traditions of our grass roots CC communities with local most effective climate restoring technologies. 

Our International Centers

We are in the process of creating international RISE CC support centers as well as University research partnerships. The emerging centers are staffed by global citizens who combine strong commitments and modern administrative skills, with indigenous membership or ancestry, and/or current membership in indigenous or indigenously- inspired spiritual practice and healing groups.